Lake Pavilion Meeting Room Reservation Agreement

Lake Pavillion Meeting Room Reservation Agreement

In consideration of the Martin’s Landing Foundation, Inc. (the “Association”) allowing the undersigned the exclusive use of the Upper Level of the Lake Pavilion Office (the Meeting Room), and equipment and furnishings therein, I, the undersigned, agree as follows:

1. The undersigned agrees to reserve the Meeting Room of the Association on the day specified below, under the terms and conditions set forth below.

2. The undersigned agrees to pay a $75.00 reservation fee that is due and payable upon execution of the Reservation Agreement.

3. The undersigned is reserving the Meeting Room for the purpose specified below, which will be attended by not more than 50 persons. Only Martin’s Landing residents may reserve and host a function at the Meeting Room. This agreement does not include pool privileges.

4. This function will be held between the hours specified below on the date noted below. Sunday through Thursday rentals must end at 10:00 PM. The undersigned understands that the continued use of the Meeting Room after hours for which it has been reserved will constitute a breach of this Reservation Agreement and will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit by the undersigned.

5. The undersigned will make a security deposit in the amount of $75.00, which is due and payable upon execution of the Reservation Agreement. The undersigned understands and agrees that the security deposit will be used to pay for any and all damages resulting to the Meeting Room, its contents, or any other portion of the Association’s property from any actions of the undersigned or any actions of persons present at or attending or in any other way related to the function. The undersigned understands that any charges made against the security deposit will be explained. If the cost of repairs exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the undersigned agrees to pay the Association the full costs of all repairs within (10) days of receipt of a written notice explaining the damage and an itemized bill from the Association for such repairs. The undersigned agrees that all deposits, fees and expenses incurred by the Association as a result of the use of the Meeting Room under this Reservation Agreement shall be considered an assessment and constitute a lien against the property of the undersigned and shall be fully collectible in the same manner as the assessments authorized by the Declaration of Protective Covenants for Martin’s Landing Foundation (“Declaration”).

6. The undersigned assumes all responsibility, risks, liabilities, and hazards incidental to the function and hereby releases and forever discharges the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and members from any and all claims, costs, causes of action and liability for personal injury or death and damage to or destruction of property arising from use of the Meeting Room and its appurtenances by the undersigned.

7. The undersigned further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and members form any and all claims, costs, causes of action and liability (including, but not limited to, attorney fees) for any injury to person or property suffered by the undersigned, and the undersigned family members, guests or invitees or any other person which arise from or are in any way related to the above function, whether or not caused by the Association’s negligence.

8. The undersigned assumes all responsibility for the actions and behavior of all persons present at, attending, or in any other way related to the undersigned function and agree to be personally responsible for causing all such persons to comply with the Declaration and the Association’s By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

9. The undersigned certifies that they are a Martin’s Landing homeowner, and that the undersigned will be in attendance at the function. The undersigned hereby agrees and represents that the Meeting Room will be used for lawful purposes only. If the Association reasonably believes that the undersigned’s use of the Meeting Room violates any federal, state or local laws or ordinances, or if the conduct of any person at the Meeting Room endangers the health, safety or welfare of any person or the Meeting Room or other property of the Association, then Association shall have the right to terminate the undersigned’s use of the Meeting Room and to instruct all persons to immediately leave the Meeting Room and the Association’s property.

10. In the event of a cancellation of the reservation by the undersigned forty-eight (48) hours before the reservation date, the deposit will be refunded. Cancellation after this time period will result in a charge of $75.00. for profits loss from another rental.

11. The deposit, less any permitted deductions or charges, will be refunded by mail or in person to the undersigned.

12. The undersigned agrees to return the Meeting Room to the condition it was found in. A copy of the Clean-Up Checklist attached hereby incorporated as part of the Reservation Agreement.

13. The Meeting Room is a smoke free facility. Smoking will only be permitted outside. . No glass of any kind is permitted on the pool deck area.

14. The undersigned understands that the reservation of the Meeting Room on the aforementioned date will not be confirmed nor will this reservation agreement be binding until such time as the Association has executed this Reservation Agreement.

15. The undersigned agrees that if helium balloons are used in the Clubhouse and they get caught in the ceiling fans they must be removed. No nails or hooks permitted in the walls or ceiling.

16. The undersigned has carefully read and understands this Reservation Agreement and the aforementioned rules and agrees to be bound by its terms.

Payment is to be made in 2 separate checks payable to Martins Landing Foundation, Inc. and mailed to:

Martin’s Landing Foundation
9205 Martin Road
Roswell, GA 30076

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