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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was created to assist homeowners improve their property value by reviewing and approving exterior projects.  The ARC ensures that changes made to the exterior of homes, yards and amenities are consistent in quality and style with the rest of the community.  The ARC is also a resource for project ideas and feedback.

If you're planning to make an improvement to your property that can be seen from any other home, street, or path, you must receive ARC approval before beginning work.  This can range from removing trees or replacing a mailbox to repainting your house or building a deck.  The Architectural Guidelines (see link below) are part of the covenants that we all agreed to when we moved into our homes.  The Guidelines have played an important role in shaping our neighborhood character and visual harmony as well as improving the value of our real estate investments.

We need pictures with each and every submission. If it's a dead tree we need pictures of the tree. If it's a roof we need pictures of your house. If it's a drive way we need pictures of your existing driveway. Requests that are submitted without pictures are likely to be denied due to insufficient information.

The Approval Process is simple.  Once you've decided to move forward on a project, fill out and submit the Approval Request Form and include all applicable information (scope of work, estimated cost, estimated start and completion date, professional drawings or plans if necessary, as many photographs as possible, and a copy of the service quote/contract).  The approval form can be submitted on line from the link below or you can turn in a hard copy at the Martin’s Landing Office.

Once submitted, residents are encouraged to present their projects in person at an ARC meeting.  ARC meetings are held at 7:00PM on the 4th Monday of each month at the River Lodge on 1221 Riverside Road. To be considered at the next meeting, your ARC requests must be submitted by 12:00 noon the previous Friday.

Click here for submission form requirements.

ARC forms:
ARC Tree Removal Request
ARC Fence Addition Request
ARC Exterior House Painting Request
ARC Roofing request
ARC Siding Replacement Request

Note: you will not receive a copy of your submission or a verification response. We are working on this. You should print the form before you hit submit and keep it for your records.

General request not covered by above forms: Architectural Committee Approval Request

You can find the ARC guidelines here: Guidelines

If you have questions you can contact your ARC representative by emailing arc@martinslanding.org.  When emailing your ARC representative you must specify which neighborhood you live in and your address. If you do not specify this you may not receive an answer.

DISCLAIMER: Zoning compliance, permits, and compliance with other applicable Local, State, or Federal laws is NOT decided by the Martin's Landing ARC. Your request is simply judged for aesthetic and architectural harmony with the rest of the neighborhood. ARC approval of your request does NOT mean you are in compliance with other laws and/or restrictions that may also apply to this request. The private property owner is solely responsible for obtaining any applicable permits required, and for ensuring that adjacent property boundaries are not violated.

ARC Violation Letters

The ARC Committee is tasked with making sure residents and home owners keep their property maintained and attractive. This is done in order to preserve the value of the neighborhood and to help keep the homes from appearing run down and junky. This is for the benefit of everyone living and owning in Martin's Landing.
The tool used to do this is ARC violation letters. This is a form letter sent to every home owner who has a problem or situation on their property that violates the ARC guidelines. This is done by volunteers who give their time to drive through neighborhoods and make notes of violations. Volunteers do not enter home owners property to do this. All violations are noted from the street. Every month Martin's Landing sends out hundreds of violation letters.
In many cases homeowners have already taken care of the problem before they even receive the letter. Or, in other cases, its something as simple as the grass needs cutting, which is easily rectified. In these cases the homeowner should just email a note to the office explaining that the situation has been taken care of.

However, some cases where homeowners have made modifications to their property without obtaining prior ARC approval may result in fines for non-compliance, as well as a demand from the Board of Directors that corrective action be taken.
All homeowners have the right to appeal their fines to the Board of Directors within 30 days of being notified.

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