Community Development Committee

            Your City Council for 2018

Mayor:                      Lori Henry

Council members:
   Mike Palermo - Community Development Committee
                                  Matt Judy - Public Works/Environmental Committee
                                  Mathew Tyser - Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs Committee
                                  Marcel Zapata - Administration & Finance Committee
                                  Sean Groer - Transportation Committee
                                  Marie Willsey - Public Safety Committee                                       


East Roswell Library comes to our Neighborhood:

At long last, we have a library branch being constructed in our neck of the woods!!!! You should be noticing construction in progress on the corner of Holcomb Bridge and Fouts Roads. If you want to contribute to its support or volunteer your time, please click the link, complete and then mail in the form. /data/Membership for Friends of East Roswell Library.docx

In the meantime, mark your calendars for February 21-23 for the very first used book sale at the East Roswell Library. Come out and support your community.


For more information and access to documents, go to the City of Roswell website,





The Community Development Committee gathers and distributes information on community issues that impact property values and the quality of life within Martin's Landing.  Please contact if you'd like to participate on this committee. 

In May 2013, the MLF Community Development Committee was reformed in light of the changes that are being made to the City of Roswell Unified Development Code and its impact on our community.  We are looking for interested members of the MLF community who would be willing to volunteer their time on this committee to do the following:
                 1)  work on various aspects of these changes as they relate to MLF interests 
                 2)  consult with MLF counsel regarding our concerns
                 3)  schedule and coordinate informational meetings with the MLF residents on the pending changes and their impact on life within MLF and Roswell.

We work with the City of Roswell and other local entities to monitor and influence development decisions (residential or commercial) of property adjacent to and in close proximity to Martin's Landing, and of redevelopment decisions of empty commercial space in East Roswell. 

To that end, our attention is directed to the City of Roswell Unified Development Code [UDC] which is a complete rework of the current zoning regulations in order to bring them into conformance with the Comprehensive Plan 2030 goals as well as to modernize and streamline them.  Please visit the Roswell city government website for detailed information regarding this,