Neighborhood Frequently Asked Questions


Commonly asked questions by new home owners

Note: while this page is accessible to non-MLF residents, most of the links below are not. You must be a resident and registered user to access the links below.

How is Martin's Landing Foundation managed?
Each local subdivision sends two representatives to the MLF Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD manages Martin's Landing Foundation with monthly board meetings.  The BOD has contracted with Heritage Property Management company to run the day-to-day operations of Martin's Landing.  Heritage staffs the property management office for us, they manage the day-to-day maintenance items and help us maintain our financial budgets.

Explain more about the various subdivisions within Martin's Landing?

Each local subdivision (sub-association) should have its own HOA board (there are a few exceptions). The local sub-association is responsible for local items such as trees on local neighborhood common property and local neighborhood entrance signs.  For more information on your local subdivision see your neighborhood information under the "Neighborhoods" main heading.

As a homeowner in Martin's Landing you will typically need to pay homeowners dues to both subdivisions.  Not all of the 12 subdivisions have dues however, so you should check with your local representative to see what your obligations are to your local subdivision.

Every homeowner in Martin's Landing must pay dues to Martin's Landing Foundation. Martin's Landing Foundation is responsible for the neighborhood amenities such as the pools, tennis courts, and River Lodge.

For information on who to contact locally in your neighborhood, see your neighborhood page or the board page under "Community."

How do I pay my yearly HOA fees?
You can pay one of three ways, you can drop a check at the property management office, you can send a check to Heritage, or you can use the online link here.  Check with your local subdivision for their fees and mailing addresses. Do not send local subdivision dues to Martin's Landing.

When are my HOA fees due?
Martin's Landing HOA dues are by January 31st.  Late fees and interest will be applied to amount owed after this date.

How much are MLF HOA dues? 
The 2019 general assessment is $707. The increase is based on the CPI for August of 2019.
The special assessment is $84. This was approved in 2017 to repair/replace bridges and retaining walls
around the lake. 2019 is the last year for this special assessment.
The invoices will be sent out by the first week of December. If you have not received your invoice by
12/15/18, please contact Heritage Property Management at 770-451-8171.
The assessments are due 1/1/19-1/31/19. They are late as of 2/1/19.

Can I make payments on my HOA dues?
You can make payments ahead of the due date.  If you are making payments after the due date you are late and will be assessed late fees and interest on the late fees.

Where can I find the Martin's Landing Published guidelines?
The guidelines can be found by clicking here.

Do I need permission to make improvements to my house?
Martin's Landing has a very active Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC works to protect all of our home values as well as to be able to give you advice on how to better improve your home and home value.  For more information on the ARC and what items need review and permission please visit the ARC page here.

Explain more about the various committees to me?
Martin's Landing is run in large part by volunteers.  All of the projects (daily maintenance aside) are undertaken by volunteers.  We have many volunteer committee members in Martin's Landing that are responsible for the various amenities, finances, and maintenance items within our community.  We always have committee vacancies and are always looking for folks to help out in our community.  If you are interested in helping out you can scan the various committee pages under "Community" to see what might best suite your skills or interests. I f you would like to volunteer for a committee please email the property manager with your interests and contact info. The property manager will forward your information to the appropriate committee chairman.

Do I need anything to access the pools?
All of the pools have key card access and you must have a key card to access them. Check here for more information on the pools and pool hours.
You do not need a key card to access the tennis courts or trails and fields.

How do I get a key card and parking sticker to access MLF's amenities?

Any member in good standing can get a key card and car sticker by simply going to the property management office during office hours and requesting one.

How soon can I get a key card and parking sticker after I move in?

Typically immediately.  However, we have had instances where closing attorneys have not informed us of your new home purchase.  If this is the case we may request that you show us the closing documents or have your closing attorney forward them to Heritage before we can issue you the key card and parking sticker.

Does Martin's Landing have an active Tennis community?

Yes, Martin's Landing has a very active tennis community with several levels of ALTA play and league play. I f you want more information on the tennis community or would like to talk to someone on the tennis community you can email, or click here to go to the tennis page

Do I need reservations to play on a Tennis Court in Martin's Landing?

Yes, we maintain a reservation calendar, largely because of the ALTA and League play.  River Court reservations must be made in person on the sign-up sheet at the River Tennis Facility.  You can access the calendar here to check availability and make a reservation for the North Pond and Lake Pavilion courts.

Can I rent the River Lodge for a party or wedding reception?
The River Lodge is available for rental to all residents of Martin's Landing in good standing.  You will need to make a reservation with the property management office. Reservations are only final when the payment and deposit have been made. For more information go to the River Lodge web page and calendar here.

If I am renting a house or an apartment in Martin's Landing can I use the pools, tennis courts, River Lodge, etc?
Yes, amenities rights in Martin's Landing for renters stays with the resident. The absent home owner or land lord does not retain amenities rights.  If you are a renter and want to use the facilities you need to obtain a key card and parking sticker from the Martin's Landing property office.  Bring your contract to the office for proof of residency and you can get a card and parking sticker.

Can I get a second card?
Replacement cards for lost cards cost $20 each.

Where can I get information on local utilities, schools, and move in items?
We have a lot of information on our resource page here.  If you see something that is missing let us know so we can add it.

How will I receive community communications?
We try very hard to communicate with our residents and have several outlets for our communications.  First, you should watch the home page for announcements.  We also send out email flashes almost weekly, so you must have a valid email address registered with us on this site to receive email flashes.  We also have event signs tat the entrances to our community.  And we send out quarterly newsletters to every homeowner with articles about what is going on in our community.  Finally, we have an active Facebook social page to help you keep up with daily happenings in our neighborhood.

Tell me more about the Facebook group page.

You can find the Martin's Landing Facebook page here. This is a public page. It is to post items of interest to other neighbors and talk about events and community activities going on it our area. This page is moderated and is not meant to be a vent page. We want to keep this page a positive place for folks to visit.