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     >  September 8, 2014:  Planning meeting for upcoming year
                                           Garden tour and Pot Luck at JoAnn King's in Woodstock
                                           Hostess:  Jo Ann King, Shirlee Wiener
     >  October 6, 2014:       Planting your fall/winter garden
                                           Pike Nursery - Holcomb Bridge Road
                                           Linell Winnicki, tour guide and speaker
     >  November 3, 2014:   Birds in Your Backyard - or in Guadeloupe!
                                            River Lodge
                                            Speaker - Jo Ann King
                                            Hostess - Dagmar Biellmann

     >  December 1, 2014:   Ippolitos on Holcomb Bridge Road
                                           Christmas Party and Social

     >  January 5, 2015:       Farming Friends and Fried Bologna Sandwiches
                                           River Lodge
                                           Speaker - Renea Winchester, author
                                           Hostess - Betty Williams

     >  February 2, 2015:    Southeast Native Plants
                                          Speaker - to be announced
                                          Hostess - Heidi Richoux
                                          Heidi and Blane Richoux' home
                                         880 Lake Overlook, Roswell, GA 30076

     >  March 2, 2015:        Composting and Preparing Soil for Planting
                                         River Lodge
                                         Speaker - to be announced
                                         Hostess - Sherry Richardson

     >  April 6,  2015:         River Lodge
                                        Speaker - to be announced
                                        Hostess -  to be announced

     >  May 4, 2015:          End of year Social
                                        Potluck salad/dessert buffet


                      American Robin                
                Rosy Finch


Sites of Interest

Volunteer Programs

 Birds Need Protein

National Garden Clubs
Deep South Regional Council
Garden Club of Georgia 
Dogwood District
Fulton Federation of Garden Clubs
Useful Links:
Garden Club members actively participate in the Roswell Clean and Beautiful Adopt-a-Road Program                        
  • we have adopted a section of Riverside Road from the intersection with Old Alabama to the South Shore entrance to Martin's Landing
  • members sign up monthly to pick up debris from the road; cigarette butts are the main culprit :(
  • we provide vests for safety and bags for collection; come join us to keep Roswell clean

A special thanks to all members who volunteer for this service.

 Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl competition

Once again, Pat McKenna will be coordinating the elementary school poster competition sponsored each year by the National Garden Clubs. 

Please be on the lookout for info on how you can volunteer your time with this fun and worthwhile event. 

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
continue to move through the area, but will taper off by the the end of the month.

You'll notice many of these birds are pretty fat as they guzzle nectar at the feeders, packing on the extra weight needed for migration.

Once they're gone, keep your feeders going for winter hummingbirds, who are already arriving.

 There have been several reports of Rufous Hummingbirds in the past few weeks.

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