We are probably the smallest community in Martin's Landing, only 42 homes built circa 1978-1985.
If your street has the words "Cedar Knoll" in it, then there's a good chance you're in Hillside (though East Hillside has about 20 homes with that street address too).
We are at the southwest corner of Martin's Landing, nearest the Riverside and Martin Road intersection. Enter via Cedar Knoll Drive, where we have that beautifully shaped, magnificent maple tree at the entrance island. Maybe some day we'll have a "Hillside" sign there too.

This is a nice, quiet,friendly area, and wonderfully convenient since we are so near the Riverside entrance of Martin's Landing. This gives us a quick exit for commuting (Old Alabama or 400), or just walking your dog to the wooded tails on Riverside or to the Chattahoochee river. Speaking of dogs, lots of dog lovers here. And if you want to ride your bike, you can quickly access that Riverside Road trail, that connects to many 
miles of other bike trails.

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