Maintenance Committee



 Sue McConnell

Special Projects

Daniel Tucker and Meghan Cherfoli

This committee is responsible for the oversight of all maintenance and repair activities for Martins Landing Foundation properties.  Duties include coordinating with Property Management and other contractors, volunteers or other committees in their various areas of responsibilities in prioritizing items that need attention, monitoring the quality and timeliness of the work assigned and reporting to the BOD at each monthly meeting, as well as solicitation and management of volunteers for certain activities when appropriate.

Our common areas are valuable assets to our community and require everyone's participation in maintaining their quality and appearance from simple litter control to renovations or repairs, small and large.  We can all participate here!  If you notice a maintenance issue that needs our attention, please notify the office by submitting a maintenance request , via the Suggestion Box form by choosing "maintenance issue" as the type. This may also be done by selecting the "Contact Us" button and choosing "Suggestion Box". Please remember to assign it to the maintenance issue type.

Maintenance Committee Meeting

The Maintenance Committee meets every 2nd Thursday of the Month at 10am in the Lake Pavilion meeting room.  The next meeting will be held on 11/08/18. We hope to see you there.