Nestled less than a mile from the Chattahoochee River, our 188 homeowners enjoy the tranquility of nature. Our heavily wooded yards afford us privacy as well as a peaceful environment. The entire area was developed for its striking natural beauty. Located in the river corridor, our trees are among the oldest in this area. Combined with that is an abundant wildlife habitat due to the topography of the land.

Among its goals, South Shore Homes Association hopes to promote fellowship, unity and sense of belonging to an organization that cares about our neighborhood and the investment value we have in our homes.

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 South Shore HOA Board Members  
Board Position Name Email Address   Phone
 President  Thomas Simmons  TESimmons@GMail.Com   678.528.3713
 Vice President - Landscaping & Maintenance  Dick Farmer    
 Vice President - Architectural
 Marsha Miller  
 Treasurer  Michelle Stietenroth  770.552.2952
 Secretary  Mike Stietenroth  847.217.9033
 Board Member at Large  Carol Mitchell  
 Board Member At Large  Dave Smith  
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